About Us

What sets us apart?

Standing in at the most impressionable time of a young person’s life, Adventist education has the unique opportunity to both academically educate and spiritually nurture a child. Adventist schools offer a holistic curriculum taught by Christ-centered teachers and provide experiences that foster a lifelong love of learning and a relationship with Jesus.

Research has shown that Adventist education is a step above the rest. Without the distraction of ever-changing government reforms and ineffective state policies, our schools can focus on what they do best: providing high quality, Christ-centered education to students. The end product? Successful students who are intrinsically motivated, academically prepared, and committed to a life of service.

The Adventist Church is associated with over 7,000 educational institutions operating in over 100 countries around the world with over 1.5 million students worldwide.

Lewis County Adventist School opened its doors in 1922, in downtown Centralia, Washington. In 1952, LCAS moved to its current location on Scheuber Road.  In 2012, the current building was completed and school resumed in the new facility. 

LCAS prides itself in a high quality holistic education program for students from Preschool through the 10th grade. Our multi-grade classrooms provide opportunities for students to collaborate and learn from each other.  LCAS is a state accredited school with an emphasis on Christian education and values. 

Our Mission

To show the love of God in action in our daily lives.
To accept and support each other unconditionally.
To put our best effort into everything we do.
To be a positive influence in our community.

Our Vision


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